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Freudian Slippers

Stop repressing the urges of your unconscious mind, and slip into these comfy Freudian Slippers (translation: deep down, you know you want em’).

These silly plush Freudian Slippers come in small, medium and large. Sigmund Freud is portrayed as slippers wearing a pair of glasses and wagging a bright red tongue.

Freudian Slippers may not be as analgesic as cocaine, but anything plush has got to be good, right? (The Freudian historians and psychology students will get that one I hope.)

I can’t guarantee these Freudian Slippers will do much for your libido, but who knows, maybe you will be lucky.

Anyway, I know this description will not win me a Goethe Prize (I don’t even know how to pronounce that), but you get the point.

freudian slippers

 check price of the freudian slippers here.

These Freudian Slippers will come with the following items:
- 1 pair of Freudian Slippers. A left one and a right one...duh! Small = Women’s size 6-8 and Men’s size 4-6 Medium = Women’s size 9-11 and Men’s size 7-9 Large = Women’s size 12 and up and Men’s size 10 and up I believe there is also a child’s size available as well.
Freudian Slippers will not only be comfortable, but a great conversation starter among academic colleagues, or fellow students in a dorm.
Anyone who doesn't understand the Freudian connection, may ask you why you are wearing Santa Slippers in the middle of July.

lil freudian slippers newborn

These Freudian Slippers have become so popular that now they have smaller versions for your newborn baby genius.

These are the Lil Freudian Slippers for babies 0-6 months old. There seems to only be the one size that suits most.

Click the image to find pricing and product details about these baby Freud slippers, as well as to see a whole array of other Freud related products.

freuds therapy magic 8 ball

Now that you have your cozy Freud Slippers on, you can begin your therapy session with Dr. Freud himself....sort of.

This magic 8 ball, Freud style, will give you psycho therapy in your own home as if the Dr. was sitting right there with you. The 8 ball will produce messages such as the ones you see in the example picture shown here.

These ones say "You're in denial", "Go to your happy place", and "talk to your mother". There are 20 different responses all together. Click the image for more details about this product and how to buy it.

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