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Funny Poop Pool Thermometers for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

The best swimming pool thermometer is this fun and funny poop pool thermometer. 


#2 Official Weird Product

This floating poop pool thermometer is the second (or should I say "number 2") product that is an official brand of this weird products site.

Did Someone Have an Accident?

This floating turd swimming pool thermometer looks like someone dropped a deuce in the pool or the hot tub. Trick your friends, and laugh at them. Also, you can horrify them when you scoop it up out of the water with your bare hands.

Funny, But Does it Work?

Of course it works. These thermometers not only give you amusement in your otherwise dull life, but they also track the water temperature accurately using both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also comes attached to a string that you can use to tie it off to something, making for easier retrieval to read the temperature.

packaging of the funny poop floating pool thermometer from amazon.

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