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Fyrflyz Light Up Toy Buy or Learn New Tricks

The main thing that attracted me to the Fyrflyz Light Toy, was the price point compared to various comments I have read from other buyers around the web in forums and on comment sections of online stores like Toys R Us etc.

There seems to be a running theme with a lot of them.

For a relatively cheap and simplistic light toy, it often seems to become the life of the party with kids

fyrflyz light toy

check price of the fyrflyz light toys here .

So if you are looking for an inexpensive gift that will get many hours of attention and play, the Fyrflyz toy would likely be a safe bet.

Also, due to the low cost, it might be a cool idea to use Fyrflyz as party favors, or any time you are called upon to entertain a bunch of rug rats hopped up on sugar.

This particular “version” of the Fyrflyz Light Toy, is called the Fyrflyz Cyclone.

To play with the Fyrflyz Cyclone Light Toy, you flip a switch to turn on the LED lights, and start winding and twisting it by making huge loops. Once it is wound up a whole bunch, you let it unwind quickly.

The unwinding action will create a light show effect.

This product seems to be geared towards young kids and preteens, but many adults would get some guilty pleasures out of this as well.

They are probably already super popular at raves by now, but that’s another story. You can see on the back of the Fyrflyz packaging, there are images and names of the various fyrflyz tricks.

fyrflyz microlight orbital led light toy

Shown here is the exact same Fyrflyz light toy as discussed above. However, this one comes with 4 pairs of fireworks glasses. Basically, the glasses enhance the way you see the light being displayed from the LED light toy. Put on a light show with your new Fyrflyz light toy and hand out the glasses to the spectators for a better view. Read more about this Fyrflyz glasses kit as well as customer review comments by clicking the picture of the package seen here.

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