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Garden in a Bag

You can grow your own food indoors or outdoors with the Garden in a Bag kits. Garden-in-a-bag is a great innovative way to grow spices and tomatoes inside your house.

Includes soil and seeds, just add water and sun light to grow these plants inside the bag. The bag acts as the planter pot for growing.

Imagine having your own garden with fresh foods and spices inside your house or apartment!

garden in a bag

check price of the garden in a bag here.


There’s not much weird about gardening or having a green thumb, but harvesting indoors is kind of strange. Another brilliant gift idea for plant lovers in your life.

The “Garden in a Bag” series is available in many plant types, including: Basil, Mint, Oregano, Small Tomatoes, and Parsley.

Buy one of each, put them together, and give the gift of an entire garden...kinda.

Each bag contains soil and seeds, and the bag is leak proof. Just add water and sunshine and watch it grow!

basil in a bag

I am showing this one here even though it is the exact same product as talked about above. The difference here is the source.

The above garden in a bag products are from a really cool company called This one here is from

This is the Basil in a bag, but you can find all kinds of others from the same source. You could check out both sources and price compare. Check this one out by clicking the image of the basil in a bag you see here. gardman green reusable patio grow bag

Another product than can help make your gardening experience a bit easier, is this reusable grow bag. This is a quick setup polypropylene bag that is perfect for the deck or patio.

Use it over and over again each year. Simply unfold it and fill it and watch your plants and flowers grow.

Then empty it out and stow it away for next year. See more details about this and other similar gardening and planting supplies by clicking the image of this grow bag you see here.

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