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The World's Largest Gummy Bear and Where to Buy a Giant Gummy Bear

Gone are the days of buying regular old packages of gummy bears. Well actually, those days aren't gone, you can still very much do that. But gone are the days of giant, enormous, gargantuan, humungous gummies not existing.   


So what exactly is the largest Gummy Bear in the World? The World's Largest Gummy Bear is the 5LB Gummy bear. It is the equivalent of 1400 regular sized gummy bears. It is made in the USA, and contains 6,120 total Calories.

world's largest 5 pound gummy bear red.

In most cases, you would have to travel the world to see the world record holder of the biggest...whatever. Or read about it in a particular annual book (you know the one I'm talking about.

This is a World Record holder you can actually eat, eventually.

Where Can I Buy a Giant Gummy Bear?

You can now get these things at most of the usual places around the ecom-isphere. (Did I just invent a new word?)

But honestly, I love every chance I can get to point my readers towards one of the funniest and coolest online shops in the world. Get these Giant Gummy Bears from Vat19 and check out their other great stuff as well.

(That's an affiliate link, which means I would get a small percentage of the sale if you click it and buy something, at no extra cost to you. Thank You!)

How Much Does a Giant Gummy Bear Cost?

At this very exact moment, the costs depend on the types and flavors, and range from approximately $47-$57.

Sounds expensive right? Because it is! That is, until you consider that this one huge gummy bear, is the same as buying a whole bunch of regular little ones.

How Many Regular Gummy Bears Fits in 1 Giant 5LB Gummy Bear?

1400 regular sized gummy bears fits in 1 giant gummy bear.

As you can see here, a picture says a 1000 words, or in this case, 3 words. 1400 Gummy Bears!

In other words, when your spouse gives you a rough time about how this was a stupid waste of money, you can point out the obvious economic benefits of buying in bulk. Trust me, it will totally work.
* Disclaimer: I will not be held legally liable for any breakdown of your marriage due to the impending dispute.

How Many Calories are in The World's Largest Gummy Bear?

Wait, you are seriously telling me you are interested in acquiring the biggest Gummy Bear mankind has ever seen, but first you need to know the caloric intake? Are you looking for a diet Gummy Bear? A "light" version of a 5LB blob of sugar shaped like a Teddy Bear?

Ok fine. This Bear contains 6,120 Calories. 

Is the Giant Gummy Bear Gluten Free?

Yes, it is gluten free, so if you have Celiac Disease and are concerned about your health and safety, you can safely give yourself diabetes with this gummy candy.

How Long Would this Massive Candy Bear Last?

In terms of shelf life, we are looking at approximately 1 year.

If I Left The World's Largest Gummy Bear in a Bucket of Water, What Would Happen?

This of course, is in reference to the trick where you put regular sized Gummy Bears into water and they expand. I am not sure what would happen, but I plan to try this and report back to you.

My guess is it would just turn into a slightly larger misshapen blob of goo. Either that or it will come alive and destroy all of Manhattan.  I will let you know.

Giant Gummy Bears and Other Giant Gummies

This Giant Gummy Bear is the world’s largest gummy bear. Weighing 5 lbs, it is the equivalent of 1400 regular sized gummy bears.

  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 5.5" x 3.5"
  • Hand-made in the USA with domestic ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • One year shelf life

The Giant Gummy Bear is available in the following flavors:

blue raspberry, red cherry, green apple, orange, pineapple, bubblegum, grape, cherry cola, and 2 “3-toned” flavors (Astro = cherry, lemon, apple. 3tone bear = raspberry, orange, cherry)

Pros of the Giant Gummy Bear

Obvious positives. Tastes like real gummy bears (because they are real gummy bears), and available in many different flavors.

I also like the fact that you are shopping safely and securely from either source found on this page. Whether you go with the well known Amazon, or with vat19, either way you are in good hands for shipping and payment processing.

Cons of the Giant Gummy Bear

Not a whole lot to report as a negative, other than it might be a bit annoying for storage. They do store fairly easily if you wrap them up with plastic wrap, but it’s one more thing to think about. You would also have to be completely certain about the purchase before buying, so as to avoid buying a giant candy just to find that you didn't want to eat the whole thing.

My Conclusion: Awesome gift idea for someone with a sweet tooth, but once again, make certain you are making the right choice. A cool gift could quickly become a waste if you or the gift receiver don’t feel like eating it all.

More Giant Gummies and Stuff

Giant Gummies on a Stick

Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick

red cherry gummy bear on a stick
This is the red cherry giant gummy bear on a stick with a special re-enforced strong stick.

This is the Giant Gummy Bear on a stick. If the huge massive Gummy bear concept is intriguing to you, but perhaps just a bit overwhelming, you can opt for the popular Gummy Bear on a stick. Still pretty impressive but “only” 1/2 a pound. This one is Cherry red, but there are several other flavors to select from, such as grape and orange. There are many other flavors and colors as well. You can even get them in rainbow colors, which is basically 3 different flavor stripes.

What I find kind of interesting is how they need to mention that the stick is extra strong so it can handle the extra sugary weight. A normal lollipop stick just wouldn't do the trick I guess.

gummy bear on a stick Amazon sizing chart demonstration

As you can see here, from this Amazon sizing chart, you get a rough idea of how big it is.

It almost seems disappointingly small compared to the giant gummy bear that pretty much requires two hands to hold. However, it's just an illusion, as everything is relative. Compare this monster to a typical candy on a stick. A bite of two ears is probably similar to eating a whole bag of gummies for crying out loud!

The whole thing is the equivalent of 88 regular sized gummy bears apparently.

Here is a funny promotional video from Vat19 who also sells these things. So by the way, you can buy them from Vat19 here, or from Amazon here. I'm sure there's plenty of other places online too.

More Gummies on a Stick

blue gummy octopus on a stick
Blue Gummy Octopus on a stick

Now here's some seafood I would actually enjoy! They call this one Tasty Calamari. It's 300 calories if you are interested, but honestly, if you are eating a giant candy octopus on a stick, I doubt you are counting calories at that point.

Torture it one tentacle at a time, or dive right in and bite it's creepy bulging eyes out. This one currently one comes in the blue raspberry flavor, but maybe they will add more tasty flavors in the future.

different angles of the blue gummy skull on a stick candy
Highly detailed gummy skull on a stick.

Moving away from bears and sea creatures, we enter the wonderful world of cannibalism. Realistic looking (sort of), gummy skulls on a stick. Great for Halloween, or just any time because you are a creep.

The blue ones shown here are blue raspberry, but you can also get grape, green apple, and red cherry. I think a rainbow color version of these would also be cool, but currently that does not yet seem to exist.

giant gummy python

Giant Gummy Python Snake - Party Python

This one is not a bear at all but rather a giant gummy python. If bears are boring and old school, you may want to jazz things up a bit with a hefty Giant Gummy Python. Click the image for more details on this one and other giant reptile gummies.


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