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Giant Paperclips

The Giant Paper clips are much more than just a funny gag gift. They are actually useful and practical. 

You will get more than just one giant paperclip in this gift box, you will get 15 nickel plated steel giant paper clips.

giant paperclips

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Giant in this case means 4 inches long, and strong enough to hold together over 100 sheets of paper.

Which means you can hold together those huge piles of paper on your desk. You can also use the giant paper clips as bookmarks, money clips or key chains. You could probably also think of many other uses.

giant paperclips assorted colors pack

 These giant paperclips are not quite as big as the ones talked about above. These ones are 3.5 inches in length by 2.9 inches across.

This is a 40 pack of giant vinyl coated paper clips. These are also colorful, as the pack contains assorted colors.

Click the image of the paperclip pack seen here to find much more information about this pack or other similar jumbo paperclips. You will also be able to browse through other office supplies offered by this source. officemate value pack assorted giant paperclips If you need more than just one type or size of paper clip, you can buy a value pack such as this one seen here that comes with an assortment of paperclip sizes and types, along with a few other office supplies that may come in handy around the desk. These come in a compartmentalized plastic container much like a tackle box, so keep all your supplies separate. This particular kit comes with a total of 520 individual pieces, that include, 70 jumbo paper clips, 270 PVC paperclips, 50 mini binder clips and 130 pushpins. These various pieces are metallic and assorted colors. Get more details about this value pack in particular, or browse through other similar office supply kits by clicking the image of the container you see here. black jumbo desk paper clip memo holder If you want to get literal with the jumbo paper clips, this here is a giant paper clip shaped desktop memo holder and organizer. This is 6.5 inches high and 3 inches wide.It is made of sturdy sleek steel, so it can take a bit of office related abuse here and there. Get more information about this and other novelty office desktop products by clicking the picture of the giant paperclip memo holder seen here.

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