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Glow In The Dark Bra LED Bras

There's all kinds of wacky and interesting examples of glow in the dark clothes available online, including glowing panties and bras. You can get all kinds of glow in the dark bras and LED light up bras.

glow in the dark bra

 The one shown here is one that seems like more of a novelty version for some sort of a costume.

This is probably not something you would use for proper breast support or for a romantic night with your spouse, unless of course you are into that.

This glowing bra is a simple hard plastic glow in the dark bra that ties off at the back, nothing fancy. You would use this one for silly costumes and themed outfits and that type of thing.

Using the latest luminescent technology, the bras will recharge using the absorbed light from standard lighting indoors or natural outdoor light. You can recharge and reuse over and over again. See more glowing bra options below.

More Glow in the Dark Bra options

drive em crazy light up bra

This glowing bra example is known as the Drive em Crazy light up bra.

At least this one has a few customer review ratings to reference, unlike the one shown above. So far the comments seem to be mostly positive. This light up bra will not recharge like the one talked about above, as it is not glow in the dark so to speak.

However, this one has lights sewn into the bra. The bra itself is a black push up styled bra, and it comes with a hidden battery and control pack. You can use 3 different lighting settings.

You can display flashing lights, slower flashing lights, or just solid non flashing lights. The type pf battery pack you have determines what type of lighting options you have. For example, it comes with a battery pack with the 3 modes of operation I mentioned, but you can also get different types of battery packs that allow for sound sensitivity or animated lighting.

The sound sensitivity pack would be a cool idea for a dance party or rave. Pretty much anywhere with music. The battery pack is designed to feel comfortable, and you will barely even know it is there. Many other versions of glowing bras and LED light up bras are available from this source as well, aside from the ones talked about here. 

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