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Glow in the Dark Paint Rustoleum and Others

Glow in the Dark Paint from a brand called Rust-oleum is a luminous latex paint. It is good for kid’s rooms, craft projects and more!

This particular glow in dark paint will keep it’s glow for up to 2 hours, however, Rust-oleum does make glow in the dark paint that will last longer than that.

You can apply this glowing paint to surfaces that are wood, plaster, metal, masonry, and un-glazed ceramic.

You can wash the glow in the dark paint with soap and water, which is especially good for kid’s rooms and toys. We all know how filthy children can be. At least us parents know anyway. The Rust-oleum specialty glow in the dark paint is fast drying.

rustoleum glow in the dark paint

check price of the glow in the dark paint here.


The glow in the dark paint depicted here comes as 7 fluid ounces (207ML), which converts to just shy of half a pint of glow paint.

Read more about it or buy it here

ultra green v10 glow in the dark paint jar


Another Glow in the Dark Paint option is the Ultra Green v10 Glowing Paint. I decided to add this option to the list since many people who have visited this page for Rustoleum products, ended up doing their homework and buying this one anyway. Check them all out and judge for yourself.

Great for basic home projects or for industrial uses or “abusive” environments, such as fishing lures, metal signs etc.

This glowing paint can be ordered in a wide range of quantities from small (1/2 ounce) to much larger (Quart) and many sizes in between. Click the picture of the glowing container you see here for more details about this version of glowing paint, as well as buying information and how you can get this stuff today.

Rustoleum glow max glow in the dark spray paint.

Glow Max Rustoleum Glow in the Dark Spray Paint is for a more industrial use. Takes longer to dry, but it is indoor and outdoor use.

The Glow Max Rust-oleum spray paint comes in green and yellow. Click the image of the spray can seen here for more details on this version as well as to browse through a variety of other glowing spray paint options.

You can get different colors and different types for different surfaces.

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