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Glow Gloves

The ones depicted here are the BeWild glow in the dark gloves. They glow in the dark as well as under black lights. This pair of gloves does not seem to come in varieties of sizes, but they claim that they can be stretched to fit both kids and adults.

They are 18 centimeters high by 11.5 centimeters wide. Great idea for parties, clubs and raves. One interesting fact is that these types of gloves are sometimes used for sign language applications.

Probably not the best option for keeping warm in the winter or severe cold weather in general. They are mostly just for entertainment and educational purposes. To be glow in the dark and rechargeable, these glow gloves use a special luminescent technology that uses surrounding light to recharge and give off a glow over and over again.

You can recharge the glow under any standard indoor lights or under the sun outdoors. If the light is bright enough, you can get a full charge in approximately 20 minutes or less, and the full charge will last up to 2 hours. Click the image or check price button above for a lot more details about these and other similar glow in the dark products. glow gloves

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More Glow Glove options

white raver glow gloves

These light gloves do not necessarily glow in the same way that the ones discussed above do. However, these ones will light up with various different colors using LED lights at the fingertips of the gloves.

You can see exactly what I mean by looking at this picture. During the day, these just look like regular white gloves, but during the night, or during a rave, they can make really cool light effects when you wave your hands around.

They also have a few light settings, including fast flashing, slow color changing, solid multi-color, flashing blue, flashing red, or flashing green. They do require 2 cell batteries in each glove which could potentially be an inconvenience.

glow in the dark hat

The same company that offers the glow gloves in the first example shown above, also has other glow in the dark clothing, like these glow in the dark skull caps. Click on the image of this glow hat for more details. There, you will also find other glow in the dark clothing options like glowing shoelaces and glowing t shirts.

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