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Grass Heads Plants - Grow Grass Hair on Silly Characters


Sounds like a racial slur, but Big Eyed Grass Heads are a cool little gardening project for all ages. 

Simply place your grass head into some water and leave it in the sunlight and wait for growth. The grass will grow out of the “head” making it look like hair. You can shape the grass or give it a haircut without killing the grass, just like mowing the lawn.

grass heads

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More Grass Heads options 

grow a pet dog spike grass heads

This competing brand is the Grow a Pet. This is from their dogs line of grass heads. This particular grass pet is named Spike. You do not have to use natural light to grow these ones.

They will do just fine in bedroom or office lighting. They will take about 5-7 days to germinate.

Just like the ones talked about above, once they are grown, you can cut them and fashion them however you want and get very creative with it. The vase is included.

These grow a pets will also include educational information about plant biology and more.

Click the image of Spike you see here to find a lot more details about these and others. You will also find buying information.

grow a pet duck winnie

Here is another example of a Grow a Pet grass head. This one is a duck named Winnie. Same details as Spike above.

See more details about this one or browse through others by clicking the image of Winnie the duck you see here.

grow a head police

If a pet grass head is not for you, you can also choose from a variety of people like grass heads.

This one is a police officer with large googly eyes. Just like the ones discussed above, you do not need natural light to grow them and they germinate in about a week.

Click the image of this police officer grass head to see more details about this one or browse through other grass head people.

every day hero grass head fireman

Here is another example of a grass head from the everyday hero line of Grow a Head grass heads.

This one is the firefighter version. Depending on how you shape and form your grass, you could make this a fire man or a fire woman. Once again, this one also comes with the vase and educational materials to learn while you grow.

Read more about these or buy them by clicking the image of the Firefighter grass head shown here.

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