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Gross bodily function products

Here are some disgusting products that revolve around one common theme. They are all related to bodily functions, regardless of the hole they exit from. enjoy!


1. Liquid Ass


Liquid ass is a fragrance spray designed to smell like terrible farts. Great for many pranks and it doesn't take much! 

2. Barf-ume


Similar to the product above, this is another spray-on bottle of nastiness. It's called "Barf-fume". Smells just like vomit and probably tastes like it too, but I wouldn't try it.

3. She-Wee


For any woman who has ever said "You boys have it so easy, I wish I could just whip it out and pee anywhere!". First of all, I will, say, yes, it certainly is very handy. That being said, now YOU can just "whip it out" as well. Sort of. This is the She-Wee.

4. Poo Shaped Stress Balls


Stress balls come in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, designs, materials and so on. However, this particular style is a blob of poo! If the only thing that relaxes you when your stressed is reaching into the toilet and giving a good old squeeze, then you will be happy to know that now there is a way to squeeze poo without making a mess and going through hand lotion faster than a sperm bank! 

5. Snot Nose Soap Dispenser


Throw your snot nosed bratty filthy kids into the shower with the Snot Nose Soap Dispenser. You can fill it with green soap as shown in the image for that realistic booger look. I would rather fill it with red or a mixture of the two.

Honorable Mention: Bio Urn


This does not directly pertain to a function of the bodily, but all bodies eventually die. The Bio Urn is a product that will allow you to use your dead loved one's ashes as part of the growing process of a tree.

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