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Gummy Bacon Candy

Gummy Bacon Candy makes a great gift, and tastes great too. gummy bacon candy check price of the bacon candy here

Unkle Oinker's Gummy Bacon Candy

Uncle Oinker’s Gummy Bacon is the perfect candy for those who are paranoid of people stealing their food.

Confuse everyone around you when you whip out this strawberry flavored bacon candy. Most people would be too grossed out by the thought of “bacon flavored candy” that they will back off. More for you to enjoy!

This is one type of bacon product that you can safely consume completely raw. I don’t advise doing the same with real bacon. However, it would likely be just as chewy.

Gummy Bacon Candy Pros:

Looks a lot like bacon, and makes for a great gift for anyone who loves bacon.

Gummy Bacon Candy Cons:

Just like anything else that you buy online that is edible, you are sort of gambling on the taste. Everyone has a different view on whether or not something tastes good. Much of what I have read online seems to be positive, but you never know I guess. My Conclusion: The taste thing is probably worth the gamble since it is not a super high cost item. Maybe you could include it in a kit or gift basket with other bacon things for someone who loves everything bacon. I think that would be funny and well received. Just be careful not to buy bacon products as a gift because the potential receiver told you “I like pigs”. That may be a huge misunderstanding.

Bacon Candy in Gift Sets

midnight munchies bundle You can get Gummy Bacon included in this bacon related products kit. This is the midnight munchers bundle. Along with the oinkers gummy bacon, it also includes Bacon soda, maple bacon popcorn, pecan bacon snacks, maple bacon lollipops, and much more. See all details about this bundle by clicking the image of the bacon products seen here. sizzling bacon exploding candy This bacon candy is called sizzling bacon candy. It is everything that the name suggests. It turns the inside of your mouth into a sizzling frying pan by exploding in your month. I assume these are basically just like pop rocks, except they taste like bacon instead of fruity flavors. Check out more details and customer review comments by clicking the picture of these sizzling bacon candies seen here.

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