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Habitat Skateboards

Habitat Skateboards are great for being more unique with their creatively designed skateboards. 

You will be the envy of the skatepark with these crazy wheeled contraptions.

habitat skateboards

check price of the Habitat skateboardshere.

Habitat Skateboards are a good quality board for the price range of most of their products. The styles shown above is the Habitat Leaflines LG Cruiser.

There are many more Habitat Skateboard designs and Habitat skateboard decks available, but I just hand picked the ones with the better customer reviews. Browse All Habitat Skateboards Here.

More Habitat Skateboard options 

habitat bigfoot cruiser longboard skateboard This here is a creepy looking bigfoot styled longboard. These are built with 7 ply board construction and clear broadcast grip. They use Reflex Hornet trucks and Reflex ABEC 3 bearings. The cruiser wheels are 59mm. It is a bit on the smaller size though, so if you are taller you will need to look elsewhere for a suitable board. Click the image of this Bigfoot skateboard for a lot more details on this board and many others. black habitat skateboards This one is perfect for riders who are not looking for a novelty board or a goofy board design. This is basic solid black board with the Habitat font printed near the back side. Uses custom habitat grip tape, and Reflex Hornet trucks. Just like the skateboards above, these use the 56mm wheels. The full name of this skateboard is the Habitat Silas Citadel Cruiser complete long board. The dimensions are 8.5 inches by 31.5 inches. Click the image of the black skateboard you see here for a lot more details on this one or to browse through a whole array of Habitat skateboards available from this source.

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