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Hand Held Fans

Hand Held Fans come in a wide range of styles and sizes. The fan shown here is only one example for sale by this source. 

Hand Held Fans like this one shown on the left are portable and electronic. This one in particular folds up for easy transport.

This fan is the Travelon 3 Speed Personal Folding Fan.

A hand held battery operated fan that does the trick and is relatively inexpensive. 

hand held fans

 check price of the hand held fans here.

More Handheld Fan Options

As far as this portable fan here goes, there are plenty of good customer review to read through and get a good idea about this particular product.

Easy to carry around, sleek look to it, and has 3 different speeds. May ship internationally (outside of U.S.) in some cases, but you will have to double check your country.

Some reviewers felt that this Travelon hand held fan did not produce enough air unless it was on the highest setting, and then it was a bit too noisy at that point. 

battery operated personal pocket fans

This one is a battery operated hand held fan.

Perfect flattened rectangular design for slipping into your pocket discreetly and having a personal cooling system on your person at all times.

This one is the white version obviously, but it also comes in black or pink. Click the image of the hand held fan shown here for a lot more details about this one, or to browse through a multitude of others.

personal hand held misting fan

You can also add water to the situation with this example of a hand held fan. This is a set of 2 misting fans.

These are hand held personal fans that are affixed on top of a container that holds water. The blades are safe and child proof.

Upon use, it will supply not only a strong and consistent blast of air, but also a very fine mist of water for extra cooling. It is battery operated and uses a very simple slide on and off switch.

There is a secondary action to make the water pump work, so you will have the option of blowing wind only without the mist if you so desire.

Click the image of the pair of personal hand held fans seen here to find a lot more details about this misting fan.

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