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handicorn Unicorn Hand Puppet and Handitaur

This is the free market at work here people. Simple supply and demand. The world had a need for a way to transform your hand into a unicorn, and finally, someone stepped up to the plate and filled that need.

This is a five piece hand puppet set that includes the four hooved legs, and the unicorn head with an expression on his face that indicates even he is surprised he exists.

If the unicorn is not your style, or you want to get him (or her?) some friends, you can also get the Handi-horse, or the Handi-taur, which is like the horse but the head is a half man figure.

Collect them all and have pen and pencil jousts (somehow) with fellow employees. It may sound stupid, but it's way more fun than working on those TPS reports.

If you hate your co-workers, then perhaps you could just slowly creep up to their desk and pretend the horse is nibbling on their plant while stroking your handicorn lovingly saying things like "good horsie, that's a good hungry horsie. They said you didn't exist, but you do exist, nice horsie"


Buy the Handicorn from Amazon Here (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you click it and buy something on Amazon, at no extra cost to you. Thanks.)

What Does the Handicorn Hand Puppet Come With

Pretty straightforward. You will get everything you need to turn your hand into a unicorn, or your foot into a deformed unicorn that begs "please kill me".

  • 4 x unicorn legs and hooves.
  • 1 x Unicorn Head that goes on the middle finger.
  • Hours of entertainment in 1 small box (or at least minutes). It depends on your attention span, and your ability to really focus on annoying the people around you, and how long it takes you to take a hint.

Other Similar Finger Accessory Hand Puppets

This one is the Handi Squirrel, a finger squirrel hand puppet. Same idea as the unicorn, but it's a squirrel, and it's totally not creepy or anything...I promise.

squirrel finger puppet hand puppet

Is it just me, or does it seem like the hand model should have put the squirrel head on the middle finger like the unicorn one? 

You can get that one from Amazon here. (Yes, this is another affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission on anything you buy on Amazon if you clicked it first. Thank You!)

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