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I Heart Guts Plush Toys

Just when you thought there was a plush toy of every kind already, along comes this crazy and unique plush toy concept. The I Heart Guts line of plush toys is not of the typical variety. These are well designed and brightly colored plush stuffed toys that resemble body organs. Everything from the popular heart version to sexual organs, food processing and digestion related organs, and everything in between. On this page is just a few examples of some of the more popular versions, but you can browse through tons more and buy them online by clicking through the following link: Browse all I Heart Guts Plush Toys here

Humongous Heart Plush Figure - I Got The Beat!

i heart guts plush figure check price of the heart shaped i heart guts plush toy here.This one is one of the most popular versions that has a lot of variety when it comes to gifting purposes. This is a red heart that is a true heart shape with realistic features. These organs also include informative tags so you can also learn a little. Great positive customers on these. Check out more details about the heart plush and others by clicking the image or check price button you see here.

Uterus Plush Figure - Womb Service

uterus plush figurecheck price of the womb service i heart guts toy.They call this one the Womb Service Uterus Plush Toy. Get it? I couldn't imagine any reason to gift this particular toy, until I read through the many great customer reviews about this one. You can read through all of those by clicking the image or the check price button you see here. As the name suggests, this is a huge blown up version of the Uterus complete with two Fallopian tubes, and a big smiley face. See everything you need to know about this exact product or browse through others by clicking the images pictured here.

Thundering Thyroid Plush I Heart Guts Endocrine Gland Hormone

thundering thyroid plush i heart guts check price of the thyroid plush toy here.To give you an idea of the reach these plush toys go, here is a more obscure one that is available. This is the Thundering Thyroid Endocrine Gland. Very bizarre looking. I didn't know that was what it looked like until I saw this plush toy. Check out this one and many others by clicking any of the variety of buttons and images shown on this page. Some of the other plush guts options include the I heart guts brain, kidney, pancreas, testicles, and much more. Great joke gift or an awesome gift idea for educational purposes.

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