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Jesus Toast Stamp - Holy Toast Stamper

Jesus toast or Virgin Mary Holy Toast stamp

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Holy Moly! It’s Holy Toast!

“Mmmmm.....sacrilicious!” - Homer J. Simpson

The Virgin Mary Holy Toast Stamper you see here is only one style and type available. To see more Virgin Mary toast stampers and other types of bread stamps in general (like the Jesus Toast Stamp), please click through the following link: Browse All Toast Stampers here.

Creating miracles, one breakfast at a time. Simply press the Holy Toast - Toast Stamper into a slice of bread before placing it in the toaster. The image of the virgin Mary will be imprinted in the bread and be visible in the toast . Read More About Them or Buy Them Here!

Jesus Toast Pros

The Jesus Toast stamp and the Virgin Mary Holy Toast Stamper is always fun. The many customer reviews on this particular product are vastly positive. You can read through them and judge for yourself. Many other unique bread stamps are available besides this one. They are all very inexpensive.

Jesus Toast Cons

As I mentioned, the reviews and ratings are mostly positive, but one customer had some difficulties getting it to work on darker toast such as whole wheat bread. I imagine you could probably use it on more than just toast, so long as the food item you are stamping is on the lighter side, like maybe a waffle for example.

Holy Toast Stamper FAQs:

How many holy toast stampers are in a package? Just one per package. But one holy toast stamper can make hundreds, if not thousands of copies of holy toast!

Is the Holy toast stamp dishwasher safe? It is recommended that you hand wash. However, that is just in reference to the exact bread stamp depicted here. There are other brands and types. Read all product descriptions carefully before ordering.

How do I buy a holy toast stamp? Click on any of the links on this page to go to the store where you can order your holy toast stamp or to get more information on this particular product.

More Holy Toast Stamp Information

“What the heck is Holy Toast Stamp?”

OK, for those of you who have been living under a rock since 2004 ish, I will explain where this Holy Toast - Toast Stamper idea came from.

The idea of seeing images and patterns in things like food, buildings, or in the natural world, is certainly not new. When someone sees these patterns and places significance to them, this is known as pareidolia. They could have named this Holy Toast bread stamp the “pareidolia stamper”, but for obvious marketing reasons, it seems easier to call them “Holy Toast Stampers”. However, despite the long history of seeing things and thinking it is holy, rather than just a coincidence, the virgin mary bread stamp is a product of a more recent story.

That is, if you consider 2004/2005 ish “recent”. Diana Duyser claims that she was eating a grilled cheese sandwich in the late 90’s, when she stopped and realized she was about to consume the mother of the son of the almighty lord. Thank God she didn’t (see what I did there?). She saw what appeared to be the one and only Virgin Mary looking back at her as if to say “Holy Moly! You almost ate me! In return for not eating me, I will bring you good luck!”.

No, this is not the story of Aladdin and the Genie in the lamp, but apparently she did get some good luck from this heavenly snack. According to Diana, she has won at least $70,000 at a nearby casino. This proves the miracle to be legit, because we all know how much the bible loves gambling. If you go to a casino and lose your money, it’s because Jesus hates you. Just a little PSA for you. It also brought her good monetary luck in the form of a highly publicized purchase of the sandwich in 2004. By this time, the toasted sandwich was 10 years old, and kept in a basic plastic container. Surprisingly, no mold (it’s a miracle)! A casino bought the holy toast and cheese as a publicity stunt for $28,000 US. As your jaw drops at the size of that number, I would suggest she should have asked for a lot more. If she could get more than $70,000 in “good luck” from a piece of burnt toast, why give it away for a fraction of that price? If I had a shiny rock that will generate $1000 per year, and try to sell it to you for $400, you might be a bit suspicious. Anyway, now that you are informed on this old and outdated story, because of the coma you have been in since 2004, you can now buy a holy toast stamper and fool your friends or try to sell divine toast on ebay, or use it as a stocking stuffer. Perhaps you could try to stamp Virgin Mary images into pies, or waffles or something. Whatever you want to do with it, I don’t care, just have fun!

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