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Ice Cream Cups Truck

Ice Cream Cups Van

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The set of Ice Cream Cups shown above is a novelty kit packaged as an ice cream truck. You can find many other sets of ice cream cups and containers through the following link: ...Browse All Ice Cream Cups here. The Ice Cream Cups set depicted here is a set of twelve 8 oz ice cream cups and 12 wooden spoons. They are cardboard bowls packages inside a decorative cardboard ice cream truck. Great idea for kids parties. One reviewer placed a picture of their daughter inside the window of the truck for her birthday. ...More details about this Ice cream cup van set here!

Pros: Great decorative idea for kids parties. Plenty of positive reviews. Sturdy cardboard bowls and includes spoons.

Cons: More than likely a one time use product since they are made from cardboard. While spoons are included, they may be a bit too small, and you may need to use your own spoons.

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