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Indoor Outdoor Volt Heated Slippers

These heated slippers are indoor outdoor slippers that will keep your feet warm whether you are inside on the cold linoleum flooring, or walking outdoors to grab the newspaper from the step.

These heated slippers are made by “Volt”, and come in 3 sizes. Medium, large and extra large. These also include temperature controlled thermostats that detect and regulate the warmth to a comfortable level. You will get 6 hours of use from each charge, then you can recharge using the included wall pack.

The material makes them as comfortable on your feet as regular slippers, but they also have a nylon exterior, and rubber on the bottom, making these heated slippers water resistant and therefore safe for outdoors.

Main Specs Described Below:

  • Machine Washable.
  • Temperature Control to Keep Feet Warm but not over heat.
  • Well Insulated
  • Cushioned Insole for Comfortable Walking.
  • Easy to recharge batteries by plugging into 120 V wall socket.
  • Heated Foot Bed for Warm Toes
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Water Proof/Water Resistant

Indoor Outdoor Insulated and Waterproof Volt Slippers

volt heated slippers specs and insulation details.

The best place to get this pair of Volt Slippers is from Vat19 Here. This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a small percentage of the transaction if you make a purchase after clicking it, at no extra cost to you. Thank You!

Another interesting feature that make these desirable, is the fact they are machine washable, despite the fact they are an electronically functioning gadget. Simply remove the electronic devices, and toss them into the washing machine. No problem.

The rubber outsole on the bottom makes them similar to regular outdoor shoes, unlike typical indoor slippers.

Very well insulated and designed to trap in the right amount of heat to keep your feet warm, but controlled so you don't get too hot.

The outer material is special designed for waterproofing. Keep your feet nice and dry when you step outside.

Special cushioning insoles for nice comfortable walking. These are designed much like a regular outdoor show but with comfort and characteristics of cozy indoor slipper.


Volt Heated Slippers Batteries


volt heated indoor outdoor slippers battery kit

You can also get the battery kit separately for the Volt heated slippers discussed above. Shown here is a pair of battery packs for the Volt heated slippers.

The batteries will last approximately 6 hours on a full charge.

You simply recharge them using a 120 volt charger that plugs into a standard outlet.

Indoor Only Heated Slippers

USB Charged cute pair of heated indoor slippers

plush usb heated slippers

These plush USB heated slippers are probably not very ideal for outdoor use other than to maybe grab the news paper of the front step really quickly.

These are meant to be a casual comfortable slipper that heats up by plugging into the USB port of your computer or laptop.

Keep your toes toasty warm while working at the computer. May also be a great gift for someone you work with in the office who is always complaining about the cold temperatures in the office or cubicle. 

More Heated Slipper Options (Not for the Outdoors)

dr scholls foot warmer massager

The Volt indoor outdoor heated slippers I talked about first at the top of this page is really the only decent product of it's kind I could find.

Unfortunately, shown here is another example of a heated slipper that is not ideal for outdoors, but it will heat your feet. As you can see from the picture, these are not meant to walk in, as the two feet are connected.

These are the Dr. Scholls brand of heated and massaging slippers that plug into the wall and it has two heat settings.

If you read the customer review comments, you will find that the reviews are actually not that positive, but you can read them for yourself and be your own judge on that. 

In Summary

The Volt brand currently seems to be the best option for heated slippers that can candle the elements of the outdoors.

Other heated slippers might be able to handle a bit of abuse to quickly run out to the driveway to grab the paper or yell that kids, but it wouldn't recommended for much more than that. 

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