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Karnap Inflatable Car Bed and More Car Sleeping Options

This Inflatable Car Bed turns your back seat into a comfortable bed, and can also double as a water floating device. It is designed to fit the contours of most car’s back seats.

Perfect for camping, or for those drinking nights when you are too drunk to drive home. You won’t have to worry about seat belts digging into your back, or waking up with a sore neck.

inflatable car bed

 check price of the inflatable car beds here.

The Inflatable Car Bed portrayed here is the most popular version of this concept. There are other makers of similar products and accessories. 

A very popular product that has been passed around through social media for a very long time now. No negative comments at the moment. This particular inflatable car bed comes with a pump.

Not a ton of comments in general at the moment, which is not a bad thing, but it limits buying information to help you decide. Might not ship internationally depending on your country.

heavy duty car travel inflatable car mattress

This one is basically the exact same concept as the one discussed above. There are a few subtle differences.

As with the one above, it comes with a kit to blow it up (inflate it). This one comes with a hole patching kit as well.

Both versions are around the same cost. Click the image seen here to read more details and see more camera angles. You will also find customer review comments and buying information.

petego inflatable car seat extender

This one is not a bed or mattress necessarily, but it is designed to use air inflation to fill in the gaps between the rear seats and front seats to create a flat surface in the back seat.

This is very useful for carrying cargo that requires a wider flat surface or to avoid things falling between the seats. They call this the Petego Car seat extender inflatable platform. It can hold up to 165 pounds of cargo.

Made of PVC backed nylon. Read through many customer review comments or even watch a demonstration video of this product by clicking the image of the inflatable car seat extender seen here. There, you will also find buying details.

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