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The i-wallet is the love child of your iphone case and your wallet. Get organized with space for your iphone 4 or iphone 5 on one side, and slots for your various cards on the other side.

The iwallet snaps closed with a magnetic latch. The wallet itself acts as adequate protection for your iphone.

iwallet for iphone

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i Wallet is a protective iphone case for the iphone 4 and iphone5, but it also doubles as a wallet. Includes slots for your various banking and business cards, as well as a “windowed” pouch for your I.D.

eyn smartphone case iphone wallet

This one is called the EYN, which stands for Everything You Need. These days, most of what you need is on your phone anyway.

However, there are a few other items that are more tangible that you may need with you at all times. For example, you will need cash, credit cards, debit cards, ID, and more. Unlike the iPhone case and wallet combination discussed above, this one is less obvious that it doubles as a wallet.

This may be a great security benefit. Your iPhone will close up using a hinged backing to look just like a typical iPhone case. Inside you can store a variety of flat items. It is designed to hold the width of approximately 3 bank cards. This particular iPhone case and storage unit will fit any iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. If that wasn't enough, just for good measure, they also built in a kick stand that will prop up your phone for convenient video watching or facetime using on a flat surface.

There is also a handy mirror enclosed. Obviously the one shown here is the black version, but you can also get this in pink, purple, turquoise, or syrah. Click the image for a lot more details about this one or other similar iPhone cases. You will also be able to read through customer review comments and learn how to buy one online.

leather iphone 5s cases

This is a leather wallet and iPhone combination for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. This one features card pockets as well as a pouch for cash and receipts. This is the black leather version but you can also get it in a brown leather version and more.

Click the image of the wallet iPhone case seen here for more details on this one, or to check out other iPhone wallet cases for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

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