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Joseph Joseph Kitchen Tools

Joseph Joseph is a line of kitchen products that uses innovative technology and unique ideas to help solve many problems in the kitchen, and helps you get more organized during the cooking and food preparation process.

One example of Joseph Joseph kitchen tools is the elevated spatula set as seen below.

This particular set is a set of 6.

They are called elevate because they literally elevate the spatula off the counter top using a very simple rubber nub on the back side. Very simple and ingenious, yet very clever and handy, which is pretty much the overall theme of the Joseph Joseph kitchen tools. 

joseph joseph elevate set

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These are dishwasher safe, and can handle temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Click the the image of the elevate spatulas seen above for a lot more details about these and others, or check out more Joseph Joseph kitchen tools below. 

More Joseph Joseph Innovative Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

joseph joseph carousel set

The Joseph Joseph carousel set is basically just a carousel holder to hang your elevate spatulas on. Save space with this rotating spatula holder. Click the image for more details on this set or other similar products. joseph joseph cutting board

This interesting gadget from the Joseph Joseph brand is a set of cutting boards. However, the interesting twist here is that it is set up much like a filing folder. Each cutting board has a tab that sticks out to indicate the use of each cutting board.

This way, you can separate the cutting board that you regularly use for fish or onions from the board you would use for fresh vegetables as an example. This helps you avoid cross contamination in the the food preparation process. You can select between a smaller or larger size, as well as select from the grey version you see here or others.

Select your preferred style upon ordering online. Click the image of the cutting board set seen here to learn more about this product or to buy one today.

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