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Jumping Castles

Bring the amusement park home to your backyard with a variety of different jumping castles and other inflatable bouncy structures and slides.

jumping castles

 check price of the jumping castles here.

Take a look at the many different available styles through the following link:

Browse all jumping castles here.

As usual, I have chosen the relevant product to feature by finding the best rated one of the bunch. In the case of Jumping Castles, the one you see here is the Bounceland Castle with Hoop and slide.

Tons of great customer feedback for you to read through by clicking through the links on this page. Read More About it or Buy it Here.

Obviously a blast for both parents and kids alike. Relatively easy to setup. Read more about setup and other details through the links you see here.

Not too many negative reports to speak of, other than a few comments that perhaps the images make it look somewhat larger and stronger than it really is.

Once again, you can read more about this exact product and other similar inflatable bouncy houses by clicking through the various links I have laid out on this page.

bounceland jump and splash bounce house

This one is not necessarily a castle, but it is a bouncy house that would be tons of fun for the kids. What makes this one unique is the water aspect.

A great way to cool off in the heat. It features a slide and a mini wading pool at the bottom of the pool. It includes a strong UL blower to keep it consistently inflated.

Obviously the materials are durable and high quality to take a good beating from kids jumping and bouncing around. Click the image to be taken to a product page with a lot more details and camera angles.

inflatable jumping castle with slide

This jumping castle is much higher on the cost scale, but of course you get what you pay for. This one is very large and has a number of very fun features including a slide.

You can go inside and start a bouncy game of basketball. It is designed with transparent mesh all the way around the whole thing so parents can more easily track and supervise their children.

The entire package includes everything you need for setting up and operating this bouncy castle.

This includes, but it is not limited to, the jumping castle itself, the ground spikes, the blower to inflate and consistently keep inflated, utility tarp, repair kit, safety exit, storage bag and more.

Over 15 feet high, 19 feet wide, and 22 feet in length. Click the image of this large jumping castle for a lot more details and camera angles, as well as customer review comments. You can also check out a great site with cool inflatable items and inflatable things here.

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