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Justin Bieber Toilet Paper

This Justin Bieber toilet paper could be a gift that could be taken two different ways. A great gift for a Justin Bieber fan who already has everything, or for the Justin Bieber hater who would like using this product for it's intended purpose.

Either way, this toilet paper makes for the perfect last minute present for anyone and everyone all the time, for any occasion. If you left gift shopping to the last minute, buying regular toilet paper at the gas station would be a horrendous idea. Strangely, you stick a picture of a well loved/ well hated celebrity face, and you hate a great gift idea.

With prank and gag gifts like this, you would expect the joke aspect to replace the quality aspect. According to many reviews, this toilet paper is actually pretty good, and they don't skimp on the amount of toilet paper on the roll.

Of course, you have probably seen these gag toilet paper rolls with various other images, such as Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, George W Bush, Hillary Clinton and many others. Click through to check out more details on this Justin Bieber toilet paper and many other funny toilet paper rolls. More details...

Justin Bieber Toilet Paper

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