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Last Night on Earth Game

last night on earth board game check price of the last night on earth board game here If you are a fan of zombies, this game looks very chilling and fun. The Last Night On Earth Board Game allows you to experience what it would be like to battle a bloody war between zombies and human heroes. Players can choose which side to be on in this zombie game.

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Choose a side, set up the board game and game pieces, pop in the Last Night On Earth CD. and get ready to survive! The “Last Night On Earth” CD is included with the board game and is not needed for game play, but it adds an extra spooky effect for the game play experience. The Last Night On Earth Board Game is played using various different game scenarios, which makes for repeat play-ability, and therefore, should not get repetitive and boring.

This Last Night On Earth Board Game comes with the following items: 1 Town Center Game Board 1 Full Color Rule book 6 L-Shaped Outer Boards 8 Unique Hero Figures 14 Zombie Figures 40 Card Hero Deck (Basic Game) 40 Card Zombie Deck (Basic Game) 20 Advanced Cards for the Hero Deck 20 Advanced Cards for the Zombie Deck 6 Reference Cards 8 Large Hero Character Sheets 5 Large Scenario Cards 2 Full Color sheets of Die-Cut Counters 16 Dice 1 CD Soundtrack of Original Music

Overview: The Last Night On Earth Board Game is played with at least 2 people, and up to 6. There needs to be at least one zombie, and one human. Choose the player you wish to be. You can choose from a selection of characters with individual character profiles. They are seen in the image of the box above. The game board is a small town that you must navigate through to accomplish given scenario tasks, and ultimately survive through the night. Human players can get caught by zombies and turned into a zombie themselves. This is just a very basic run down of “The Last Night On Earth Board Game” but you can find the full rules and explanations of game pieces here.

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