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LED Shoelaces - led flashing light up shoelaces

LED Shoelaces use light emitting diode technology to light up your feet wherever you go. Great for raves, or a job in the night, or whatever you want to use them for. 

They come with 3 modes: Fast flashing, Slow flashing, and a steady light. The flashing mode will last for 50 hours, and up to 70 hours in the other 2 modes. Lithium batteries are required to operate the laces. 2 batteries are included with the package.

These ones come in four different colors. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, and the length is 80 cm long.

Platube brand shoelaces will fit anything that takes a standard lace. They will work for shoes, boots, skates, and so on.

They are safe for outdoors since they are made with a durable and weatherproof coating.

These LED laces can be cut to size if necessary without damaging the light up abilities, as well as stretched out a bit if needed.

led shoelaces

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Cool Ideas: Mix and match your LED light up shoe laces. They come in packs of two of the same color, but you can buy multiple packs and mix things up a little.

For example, you could have a yellow shoelace on the left shoe, and a blue one on the right. You could also use them as bracelets or weave them on to backpacks, handbags etc. Use your imagination!

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multicolor led shoe laces

 The LED shoelaces shown here are a multiple color version. Rather than mix and match individual solid color LED laces, you can just get a pair of these for mixed light up coloring.

These are 33 inches long and you get a pair of them in each package. The 3 modes of operation on these are flashing, fast flashing, and constant.

They do require batteries, but they come with the batteries already installed, so you can use them right out of the package.

Click the image of the multi color LED shoelaces seen in the image here for a lot more product details about these ones or to browse through a whole bunch of other similar LED shoelaces.

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