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9 Reasons Why You Need a Lego Mug Cup: Lego Brick Mug is a MUST Have!


You are not supposed to play with your food, but nobody said anything about drinks!...

Did you know that the average person spends an hour a day playing with toys? That is more than 2,700 hours in their lifetime. But why does it have to end when you become an adult? Sure, these Brick Mugs are mostly for kids, cut come on!

Your morning coffee is about to get a lot more interesting with the Lego Mug Cup. A new product that allows you to attach Legos onto your coffee mug, this cup has everything from different colors and styles of Lego brick mugs, to a handle which comes with different colors and styles of Legos as well. With all these options for customization, it's not hard to see why this product is getting rave reviews online!

Easy Gift Idea for a Kid Who Has Everything:

Let's start with the obvious one and get it out of the way. It's hard to come up with gift ideas. Throw this in your online shopping cart and it's a slam dunk! Problem solved.

Perfect for Any Occasion:

The Lego Mug Cup is perfect as a birthday gift, holiday gift or any other occasion that you might be looking to buy someone a unique and thoughtful present. With so many different options at your fingertips, it's nearly impossible not to find something they'll love!

Adults can have fun with it too:

If you're an adult who never outgrew your love for Legos, this is the perfect way to get one last fix of nostalgia. You can decorate and build on it as much or little as you want!

Makes a Great Inexpensive Gift:

Another great thing about this product is that with how affordable it is, there's no excuse not to buy one for somebody in your life. It might even be something they don't know they wanted but once they have it and start building with Lego bricks again will soon realize just how cool their mug really was!

Great Gift idea for those who fidget:

Some people, young and old, require something to fidget with for anxiety or autism. This is perfect because it gives them something to fidget with that's non-destructive and can be built on.

Different styles and Lego Brick accessories:

You can be creative, the sky's the limit . You can make your coffee mug as simple or detailed with Lego pieces, colors and accessories, as you want.

It's for both genders!:

The Lego Mug Cup is available in a few different styles to suit anyone who wants one of these awesome mugs. There are also Lego sets that come with cups like this so there will be something perfect for everyone on your list!

Compatible with Lego Bricks you already have:

You can attach Lego you already own to your mug, or you can just use the ones that come with it.

Be an Individual:

A great way to individualize your cups for each member of the family. Put your own creative spin on it.


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