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Levitron World Stage

levitron world stage

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Levitron Ion

The Levitron Ion is a globe floating above a magnet base. The globe will continuously rotate, even if you move an object or your hand under the globe.

The Globe is quite detailed and includes place names. The magnet base uses a low voltage adapter which is included in the box. The Levitron base can also float many other objects up to 4oz.

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Levitron World Stage

levitron world stage

The Levitron World stage has more features than the Levitron Ion. The rectangular magnetic base contains LED lights for a more amazing display. Just like the Ion model, the Levitron World Stage uses very powerful magnets in the base, as well as inside the globe, to provide the anti gravity effect.

Just give the globe a light spin and it will keep spinning. As you will notice in the videos, you move your hands or any other objects around it and it will remain floating and spinning.

You can also remove the magnet from inside the globe, and place objects under 3 oz on the magnet and display something other than the globe. Have fun with this in the office and see what things you get to float.

Your co-workers will be very interested, and probably never leave your desk.

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Levitron EZ Float

fascinations levitron revolution ez float

The Levitron Revolution EZ Float is the same technology as the two previous versions above. However, with this model, the Levitron magnetic system allows for a larger weight capacity up to 13 ounces (0.8lbs).

This means you can float and spin bigger objects than the other 2 models I already discussed.

The magnetic base is square and will light up your object using white LED mini spotlights. This would make for a good display on your desk or perhaps you are a business owner with a store.

If I had a store, I would purchase several of these to display items for sale in the coolest way imaginable. Imagine floating and spinning things in mid air while co-workers or customers are left in amazement.

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