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Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Soap and other Hilarious Brands

Perhaps not really a weird product necessarily, but the marketing and branding technique is both odd and genius. Calling your liquid hand soap or hand sanitizer "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer" says exactly what it's for and puts it right out on front street.

maybe you touched your genitals hand sanitizer and other nasty from vat19.

It's hard to find this product on Amazon these days (not so say it's not available at the time of you reading this), but you can currently get the "Maybe You Touched your Genitals Hand Sanitizer" and other similar quirky named cleaning products from Vat19.

These are all hand sanitizers with different humorous labels. The other 2 you see here are the "You Nasty", and the "Thanks for Scooping My Poo". 

In my view, the cat one (Thanks for Scooping my Poo), is the most unrealistic, as cats are not that considerate or thankful, unless it's sarcasm.

check the current price of maybe i touched my genitals hand sanitizer from vat19.

Maybe You Touched your Genitals Hand Soap

Of course it's not just a hand sanitizer, you can also get this funny product in a liquid soap form.

maybe you touched your genitals liquid hand soap.

Is this a Joke or is it Actually Legit Hand Sanitizer and Hand Soap?

This is a legitimate hand sanitizer. They are FDA approved (well technically, the ingredients are FDA approved). It's just your standard run of the mill alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Whoever came up with this idea, and other subsequent similar ideas, should get some sort of prize for creativity. It seems like there could be an endless supply of jokes and puns that can be slapped onto the label of these products.


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