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Meiji Milk Chocolate Puzzle and Dark Chocolate Puzzle

The Meiji Chocolate Puzzle line includes at least three (that I know of) types of chocolate puzzle. They range from a skill level of tricky to demanding. The level 6 chocolate puzzle (tricky) is a white chocolate puzzle, the level 7 chocolate puzzle (challenging) is a milk chocolate puzzle, and finally, the level 8 chocolate puzzle (demanding), is a dark chocolate puzzle.

meiji chocolate puzzle

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These chocolate puzzles are not real, so they won’t melt in your hands, but they might melt your brain cells, as you try to figure the darn things out. You can cheat by searching youtube for chocolate puzzle solutions, but that’s no fun. Don’t be a cheater. Try it first!

If you arrived at this page because you were looking for real chocolate puzzles, I can help you out with that as well. Down below are some videos and links on how you can “Martha Stewart” yourself some real chocolate puzzles. Oh wait, this is 2012, maybe I should say “Rachel Ray” a batch of chocolate puzzles? She does food stuff right?

Anyway, the best way to describe the Meiji chocolate puzzle is Tetris....sort of. They come in variously shaped pieces of “chocolate” and you have to figure out how they fit together. Imagine you had a huge rectangle of chocolate made up of many smaller squares, and you tripped over a skunk in your kitchen and dropped it. Now you have pieces everywhere. Some are “T” shaped, some are “L” shaped and so on. After you fight of the hungry skunk, you have to now put them back together in it’s original form.

More details or buy chocolate puzzles here

chocolate sensation jigsaw puzzle

You can also find various tasty looking jigsaw puzzles depicting candy and chocolate, such as the one you see here. This is the Chocolate sensation 400 piece family jigsaw puzzle. Check out more details about this one or other similar products by clicking the image.

ravensburger death by chocolate puzzle

Another example of a chocolate themed jigsaw puzzle is this Ravensburger Death by Chocolate 1000 piece puzzle. This depicts a table full of various types of chocolate treats.  

chocolate candy mold

Make your own chocolate puzzles by using chocolate molds like the set seen here. This is a set of 4 jigsaw puzzle pieces that can be filled with chocolate or any other baking goop to create a hardened jigsaw puzzle that can be fit together before you eat them up. Click the image for more details about this set and others.

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