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Mini Desktop Zen Garden

mini desktop zen garden check price of the mini desktop zen gardens here.

Find all types of Mini Zen Garden types through the links on this page.

One example of Mini Desktop Zen Garden is the one seen here. This is the Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden. This is a rosewood finish desktop zen garden that comes with everything you see in the image on the left. That includes the sand, rakes, broom, swans and rocks. It also comes with a meditation handbook.

There are many others besides this one. I picked this one out due to the tremendous amount of positive customer feed back reviews, but you can check out all of them through the following link:

Browse all Mini Zen Garden options here.

Zen Garden Pros:

A lot of customer reviews, most of which are positive. Read them all and judge for yourself.

Zen Garden Cons:

Though most of the reviews are positive, and many people have commented on this being sturdy and well built, there was a comment saying that the one the mini zen garden they received was a bit wobbly due to a leg being not the same length as the others. Again, you will have to read through the comments for yourself.

Beach Zen Garden

day at the beach zen garden This one is called the "Day at the Beach" mini Zen garden. This is a beach themed zen garden that includes everything you see here. You get a beach chair, umbrella, beach ball, beach sandals, and various other beach related accessories. Click the image to find a lot more details about this one, and to browse through other desktop zen garden themes available from this source.

Construction Zone Zen Garden

executive sandbox construction zone zen garden This one is from the executive sandbox line of mini desktop Zen Gardens. Surrounded by the deluxe hardwood tray, and containing a very fine grade of sand. There are many different unique themes to choose from, but this one is the construction zone theme. It comes with what you see pictured here. You will get 2 die cast construction vehicles, 3 mini boulders, a bag of gravel, a digging shovel, pearl white sand, and 2 construction cones. The entire sandbox zen garden measures 9.75 inches by 7.75 inches. Click the image of this construction themed zen garden to find more product details and buying information, or to read through many customer review comments and feedback statements.

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