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Mini Scooter for Kids

mini scooter

check price of the mini scooters here.

What you see here is only a Mini Scooter example of what’s available from this source. I picked this one out of the crowd because of the great customer reviews.

Of course, there are many other Mini Scooter options to browse through using the following link: Browse all Mini Scooter options here.

The Mini Scooter example shown here is the Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter.

This is designed and recommended for kids ages 3 and under. The deck is wide and slip resistant, and has a wide back wheel base for extra stability. This Mini Scooter here is the blue fold-able T handle version with many positive reviews. Read More About it or Buy it Here.

This particular Mini Scooter is designed with young children in mind. Tons of customer reviews that are mostly positive. You can read through them all. Many colors and other brands to choose from using this same source. Click through links on this page to get started.

As mentioned above, this exact Mini Scooter has mostly positive reviews, but there were a few comments who were not satisfied with the way this one rolls. There are many others to browse through besides this one. Read all reviews good and bad, and be your own judge.

radio flyer my 1st scooter red

This one is the Radio Flyer scooter designed for much smaller kids. They call this one the "My 1st Scooter". Since this scooter is made with the less experienced rider in mind, it has a few features to help keep the child safe.

The base that you stand on is much wider than a typical scooter at a comparable size scale. It also has an easy to apply foot brake for easy stopping and slowing.

It is also technically a tricycle style as opposed to the two wheeler typical scooter. This obviously adds stability to the entire unit. The handle is economical.

The entire thing weighs approximately 50 pounds. Click the image of this red scooter to find a lot more details about this one, or to browse through many other similar kids sized scooters.

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