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My Mystery UFO Toy

The My Mystery UFO Toy is a great kids toy that will leave friends and family wondering “What the heck?!” This Mystery UFO flying toy creates the illusion that it is hovering with no help at all.

The “My Mystery UFO” suspension kids toy does not require batteries or a remote control to operate. Although it is technically a kids toy, I think many adults would like playing around with the “My Mystery UFO” as well.


my mystery ufo toy

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Above is a demonstration of what it looks like to properly us the My Mystery UFO Toy. It appears as though the UFO Toy is floating through the “magic” of your hands.

More UFO Toys

hand controlled ufo toy

This Hand Controlled UFO Toy is a bit more technologically advanced than the above described My Mystery UFO Toy. This one required power and charging. Find more images and product details by clicking the picture of the UFO toy seen here.

ufo toy spinning top perpetual

The My Mystery UFO Toy above requires a person continuously causing the UFO action with skill. This UFO spinning top toy is the exact opposite. It spins forever and ever without stopping.

That is, so long as the batteries are not dead. It also lights up, and is great addition to a glow in the dark party of some kind, such as a rave. See more camera angles and demonstrations by clicking the image of this UFO spinning top toy seen here.

You will also be able to read through customer review comments and browse through other similar UFO toys available from this source.

ufo solar balloon

Another cool way for your kids to explore the scientific world, is to consider something a bit more unusual, like this UFO solar balloon science project kit seen here.

This is a giant solar balloon on 60 feet of string that is powered by the sun. See more details about this, or browse through a variety of other cool kid's science related projects and toys, by clicking on the image the boy playing with the balloon seen in this picture.

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