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Name a Star Gift Box

Now with the Name A Star Gift Box, you can finally follow through on those empty cheesy promises you made to your spouse. You know, all those dumb poems and dorky song lyrics that say things like “I will give you the stars, climb the highest mountains, and swim the deepest seas, all for your love, and blah blah blah”


name a star gift box

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You can’t buy a star and have actual ownership of the star, but you can have them named officially.


Some people suggest that Name a Star gifts are a “scam”. It is definitely not a scam, but of course, it is not a tangible gift that you would hand to someone. It is more of a sentimentality thing. So is it a scam? Absolutely not, but it does make for a really cool gift idea for certain people. Maybe not for everyone.

What makes it legitimate is the fact that you are actually registering and having your star’s name catalogued in the British Library.

What you are paying for: The star naming kit comes with registration papers to name your star. The registration papers in the kit are associated with a specific star. The stars in the sky all have fancy identification numbers, and you will be randomly given one with your purchase.

The star is assigned to you in each kit, which means you can not choose your own star. You get what you get. But that could be part of the fun when you get the star kit.

It’s kind of like adopting a random child in a developing nation.

The kit will provide location details of your star to help you navigate and possibly see it with a telescope. You can find tools and star maps online to help you out with that.

There is no guarantee you will be able to see your star in the sky, as it depends on where on earth you live, but there is a chance that you may be able to.

The money you pay to buy this inexpensive kit is the entire payment of the full process. You will not be asked to kick in any extra cash to get your star named and registered.

Surprisingly, you can literally name your star anything you want. Perhaps one day that will change, but for now I can say you can give it any name you can think of. This includes profanity, brand names, someone else’s name, a word, a phrase, and so on. No limitations.

Even if a different star shares the same name, you can still give it the same name, since the stars are connected to a specific identification number.

The star kit also comes with some cool informational pamphlets and brochures about stars to help you learn something new.

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