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Office Snax

office snax all tyme mix check price of the All Tyme mix 2lbs tub.

Office Snax

Office Snax is a cool line of candy and snacks to buy in bulk for the office or work space, or anywhere really.

This site is dedicated to weird products and unique gift ideas, and we tend to focus on what to buy as a gift for close friends and loved ones, but what about the co-workers down at the office. Perhaps you need to start sucking up to the boss a lot more.

Maybe you are self absorbed, and addicted to getting the most attention at your desk at work.

Whatever your reasoning is, Office Snax is a great solution for buying bulk candy in various types of containers, jars, and packaging that are perfect for storage and snacking.

The example of Office Snax shown above is just one sample of a huge selection. The one shown above is a 2lb tub of assorted candies. They call this tub the All Tyme mix.

Instead of describing every last product of the hundreds available, maybe you should just simply check out all Office Snax options buy clicking the following link: Browse All Office Snax Here!

More Office Snax examples

office snax bottled spring waterOne thing I found very interesting about the Office Snax brand is that they offer much more than just sugary candies. They have a wide selection of supplies and beverages packaged specifically with the office environment in mind as well. One great example of this is the bottled spring water you see pictured here. These are 24 pack cartons of bottled water. Each bottle is 20 oz. There are no customer review comments to speak of at the moment of typing this, but you can read more about these and other Office Snax products by clicking this image of the natural spring water bottles. office snax non dairy creamer 12oz The Office Snax line of products also includes ingredients and accessories for making coffee. For example, this is the Office Snax Non-dairy creamer. This is a 12 oz container. You can also get also packaging styles of this stuff like small packets. They also offer other types of creamers, and they even have utensils live plastic stir sticks. Click the image of this container of creamer for more details about this particular container, or to browse through various other similar products.

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