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Pancake Pillow and Pillow Cases

Pancake pillow and pillow cases are the best way to ensure sweet dreams.

Round Pancake Pillow

round pancake pillow with piece of melting butter on top and syrup.

This is literally a Pancake Pillow. A pillow that is round like a real pancake and depicts dripping syrup over a square of butter. Get it Here...

Pancake Pillow Case

Pancake Pillow Case

Get One Here!

Why not have a picture of what your dreaming about right on your pillow. This is one version of syrupy and buttery pancakes you can buy. Try not to eat the pillow.

This company actually allows you to take a good quality photo of your pancake breakfast (and presumably anything else) and have it turned into a pillow case. Fits most standard sized pillows. This is just the pillow case not the insert or pillow that goes inside it.

Pancake Pillow

pancake pillow layered pillows

This one doesn't actually look like breakfast, but it literally is called the "Pancake Pillow". It is layers of smaller pillows inside one big pillow setup, so you adjust the to the perfect height for your slumber comfort. I don't know why I didn't think of this, I would be rich by now. The layered pillow setup shown here is an example of what they have for queen size, but you can select any size of bed you have.

Cover each layered pillow with a pancake pillow case and make a delicious pancake stack out of them.

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