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Pedal Go Kart

The Pedal Go Kart seen here is only one of all kinds to choose from. Check out this one or others through the following link: Browse all Pedal Go Kart options here.

This Pedal Go Kart is a highly rated child’s vehicle with many bells and whistles so to speak. This is the Kettler Kiddi-O Pole Position Pedal Car. Read More About it or Buy it Here

pedal go kart

 check price of the pedal go kart here..

If your kid is anything like my son, they will love pretending to drive around like an adult in their very own car.

The reviews on this exact go kart is very positive. You can read through them all good and bad through the various links on this page.

As I said, this exact one is highly rated, but there are others with mixed reviews. It would be best to read through them all to make a wise purchasing decision.

hauck green pedal go kart

They call this one the Hauck lightning pedal go kart. It features 3 point steering and provides quick and smooth responsive handling.

The bucket seats you see in this image are adjustable to accommodate various sizes and heights of kids, and maybe even some adults as well.

The brakes are 8 ball styled, the pedals are race styled, and the wheels are made of a durable rubber material that provides great grip and traction. The whole kart front to back measures a little over 36 inches in length.

Click the image of the green go kart you see here to find a lot more product details, to read through customer reviews, or to browse through a wide variety of other similar go kart products offered by this source. You can also buy these online securely and have them shipped directly to your door. hauck traxx thunder go kart

Here is another pedal go kart from the Hauck line of karts. They call this one the Hauck Traxx Thunder black go kart.

This one is very similar to the one discussed above, but it includes a very cool and stylish set of roll bars. The bars could make it slightly safer, however, I believe they may be mostly for looks.

Click the image of the black roll bar go kart you see here to find more product details about this one and to browse through other ones as well.

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