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Personalized Custom Photo Puzzles

The “Photo Puzzle” concept is one the most creative, and ingenious gift ideas on the planet.

In fact, This idea is so cool, I once investigated what would be involved in going into business making and selling these picture puzzles. Turns out that the equipment and start up costs are far beyond my current broke bank account.

Instead, you should send your photos to this company called and have them turn your family photos into personalized jigsaw puzzles for yourself, or for a neat gift. It’s a gift that can be used over and over again, or hung on the wall.

photo puzzle

check price of the photo puzzles here

Customize a Real Life Photographic Puzzle

All you need to do is go to, choose the size of photo puzzle you want, upload your digital image, then do some confirmation and checkout stuff, and you’re done! They will turn your picture into a jigsaw puzzle and ship it to you.

1000 piece personalized jigsaw photo puzzle

This is a look at the 1000 piece personalized puzzle. Obviously, the family shown in this image is just an example. This could be you and your family on the puzzle and the puzzle box cover.

Same company, but you can also order them from amazon. Click the image for a lot more buying details and product information.

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