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Pink Umbrella

The pink umbrella shown above is children's version of a pink umbrella. The kid's sized pink umbrella depicted above is the Totes brand pink umbrella that is also available in other colors as well. I only selected this umbrella because of the tremendous amount of positive customer reviews.

This umbrella has a 39.5 inch canopy and is made from a synthetic vinyl material. This one has a covered safety tip on the top of the canopy (seen in the image), and is a pinch proof design. 

kids pink umbrella

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Pros: This kid's pink umbrella has a few good safety features like a safety tip on the top, and a pinch proof design. Plenty of positive reviews to read through. Other colors to select from besides just pink.

Cons: While the vast majority of the reviews are positive, a few negative comments were made. One common issue was the flimsiness of the metal uses in the frame. The umbrella works great under normal circumstances, but does not hold up to kids rough housing or general abuse to the umbrella.

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