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Scizza Pizza Scissors and Other Cool Pizza Cutters

Pizza Scissors, also known as the “Scizza”, are food scissors designed to help you slice your way through pizza and create perfect slices every time. They also allow for super easy serving.

Slice and serve pizza slices with only one hand! Cuts through cheese and toppings effortlessly, like cutting through a piece of paper, and without leaving that annoying ball of cheese and sauce that always plops off the end when you try to grab it.

pizza scissors

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Sure, the pizza delivery place “pre-cuts” the pizza for you, but we all know this is not always reliable. You open the box and it looks like it is sliced.

The triangles are all there perfectly. Until you grab one and the other pizza slices don’t want to let go of their saucy friend. You either yank on it, making a sloppy mess, or you end up grabbing a knife anyway.

Of course, a knife doesn’t always cut all the way to the bottom unless you press really hard and fight with it a bunch.

For the germaphobes out there, you may be concerned with all the “grabby Gretchens” at the party, leaving their finger filth all over the slices you were planning to take.

The Scizza Pizza Scissors solve all these issues!

sagaform pizza scissors

This one here is a competing version called the Sagaform pizza scissors. There are plenty of very cool and interesting products available from the Sagaform line.

You can see them all, or read more about these scissors by clicking the image of the pizza scissors you see pictured here. fred piboss pizza boss pizza wheel

This one is not an example of a pizza scissors type of pizza cutting tool.

However, I thought it was a cool alternative for cutting pizza slices in a simple and efficient way.

They call this the Pizza Boss from the Fred and Friends line of products. It is designed to look like a carpenter's circular saw. It is made from durable materials that will make it live a long life and it is dishwasher safe.

Read more about this or other pizza cutting tools by clicking the image of this circular saw pizza cutter you see here.

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