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Poop Scoop

The Poop Scoop shown here is the Lazy Pet Patrol Poop Scoop. The total length is 27 inches long and is made from a lightweight, easy to wash plastic.

Use it on cement, gravel or grass. More types are available, but this one had a tremendous amount of good customer reviews

poop scoop

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The Poop Scoop comes in many different formats, styles, and price ranges. You can rakes, or jaw scoops. Basic to fancy.

Clean up after your dog with a simple tool and never risk touching that nasty stuff ever again. Browse All Poop Scoops here..

allens spring action scooper for grass

This one is the Allens spring action poop scoop for grass. These are great for picking of dog waste in grassy areas.

It is designed for good grip and easy light handling to use with a single hand if necessary. There is a model for grass, and a model for flat surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and so on.

Click the image of the spring action poop scoop you see here for more product details and buying information. You will be able to read through many mixed reviews on this one, or browse through other similar poop scooping products. doody digger poop scoop

This one is called the Doody Digger pooper scooper. As demonstrated in the image here, it is a simple two step process.

You place the doody bag over the non scoop end. Scoop up the dog feces with the scooping end, then raise it up and let gravity take over. The dog poo should slide down the tube, and into the bag. Tons of customer reviews, with the vast majority leaning to the positive side.

The unit comes with the one digger and some bags to get you started. You can buy replacement bags separately, or improvise and find alternative bags. The only hesitation I would have is cleaning out the tube, and dealing with poops that are a bit less solid and don't slide down right away.

Click the image seen here to find more product details, and to read through customer review comments by people who have actually used this product.

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