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Portable Ping Pong Table Top Kit

portable ping pong

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Portable Ping Pong allows you to bring your table tennis game anywhere.

This portable table tennis kit from Pongo, sets up in 10 seconds and packs up just a quickly and tightly. The Portable Ping Pong net stretches out as far as you need it to, up to 65 inches (Over 5 feet). The net is wound up on a spool inside the “posts” of the net. You can set the length for a smaller surface, or a wider one.

The net on the portable ping pong set is kept nice and tight by the winding mechanism inside the posts. The posts are weighted to hold the net firmly in place. The weighted posts also have a non-slip/non-skid padding under each one to sure the net stays in place, while also protecting the surface you are playing on. The paddles of the portable ping pong set have retractable handles for storage, and are made of a rubber-like plastic. They are very similar in feel to an authentic paddle.

The portable ping pong kit comes with two ping pong balls. The balls are stored inside the posts.

Everything here packs away neatly inside of a carrying case (included), for easy storage and transport. The entire kit weighs less that 4lbs (pounds). You can bring the portable ping pong set anywhere you go so you never get rusty!

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champion sports anywhere table tennis to go set

 This one is very similar, but a competing product. This one is the Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis To Go Set. It is basically the same concept as the one discussed above, however this one has a lot of positive customer reviews. Click the image here for a lot more product details and to read the customer review comments. You will also be able to browse through a bunch of other competing products that are similar in concept.

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