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Potty Putter Funny Toilet Game

If you ever thought to yourself "I don't spend near as much time in the bathroom as I ought to!", the Potty Putter is the perfect package for you.

The Toilet Golf game that seems like a stupid gimmick product, until you find yourself in the bathroom 3 hours later thinking "Ok, just one more shot!"

potty putter toilet golf game

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The Potty Putter

“Hey! What are you doing in there?”
When you gotta go (golfing), you gotta go! (golfing) The Potty Putter is the secret weapon of every pro golfer (not really).
If you are a wanna be pro golfer, you MUST have this potty putter toilet golf game. Without it, your golf game will go down the crapper! 
They say that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. Don’t “waste” (see what I did there?) another minute on the can without being productive! Get the potty putter, and prevent your future dreams from going to sh*t!
This toilet golf game will allow for the most amount of fun you can have with your pants down. Well, ok, maybe in the top 5 at least.
The Concept is very simple. You will receive a Potty Putter putting green that is specifically shaped and designed to fit around the base of your toilet. The Potty Putter putting green is made from the same material as professional golf greens (the fake stuff, not real grass). As well, the potty putter comes with a pair of balls and a small putter (that’s what she said!), and a hole with a flag. You can move the hole anywhere you want, so you can practice any length of stroke you wish!
Who’s to stop you from placing it way across the room for an extra challenge? That’s right, nobody!
This bathroom game kit also comes with a “do not disturb sign” that you can place on the outside door knob, so everyone knows there is a master at work. More Details...
This Toilet Golf Game comes with the following items:
- Mini putter
- Conveniently shaped putting green
- A pair of golf balls
- A “hole” which is basically a plastic ramp to catch the golf ball. The hole comes with a flag in case you are so drunk you can’t find it.

Potty Putter Pros:

One way or the other, Potty Putter will improve your “short stroke” with all the extra time spent in the bathroom (but it’s up to you what that means exactly).

Potty Putter Cons:

You may have your concentration broken by your teenage daughter yelling “Mom! Dad is in the bathroom playing with his putter again!”.

FAQs about the Potty Putter Funny Bathroom Toilet Game


Q: Where can I buy the Potty Putter?

A: You can buy the Potty Putter Bathroom Golf Game on Amazon here.


Q: How does the potty putter work?

A: It's pretty straightforward really. The golf green is placed on the floor at the base of the toilet and you hit the golf ball into the "hole" (ramp) with a small golf club.


Q: What does the Potty Putter come with?

A: The potty putter funny bathroom toilet game comes with all the accessories you need to play: potty putter, golf ball, three course flags and two obstacle flags. You can also purchase extra obstacles like ramps or windmills separately if you want to add some variety.


Q: Can I play this game with a friend?

A: Ummm...we're not sure. We haven't tried it, but we think you would need a potty putter for each person playing if they want to use the same toilet.


Q: How much does the potty putter cost?

A: The potty putter funny bathroom toilet game is distributed by Amazon 3rd party vendors, so the prices can fluctuate. But you can expect to pay between $14.00 and $19.99 for the potty putter funny bathroom toilet game, potty putter, three course flags, two obstacle flags and golf ball.


Q: Will this potty putter fit on any standard size toilet?

A: The potty putter is designed to be compatible with most standard sized toilets.


Q: Can I play this outside?

A: Only if you video it and show me the results.


Q: What is the potty putter funny bathroom toilet game made of?

A: Love.


If golf is not your thing, then perhaps fishing is more your speed. When the boss asks you to cancel your fishing trip and work over the weekend, you can make believe while sitting on the porcelain throne. 

Where you catch fake fish, and real crabs (hopefully not). 

toilet fishing game
The mini Toilet Fishing game comes with everything you see here. Well...except for the toilet and the guy and stuff.

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