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Voice and Motion Activated Prank Stickers (and Clap Activation) and Ideas Where to Use Them

Have you ever wanted to expand your pranking beyond the innocent fun of your own home? Fooling your friends and loved ones is great, but it's time to crank things up a notch!

Use these voice and motion activated prank stickers to lighten the mood around the office at work, or in random public places. Just try not to get caught!

There are 3 hilarious options in this kit:

  1. Clap Activate
  2. Motion Activated
  3. Voice Activated
voice and motion activated prank stickers package.

I am sure you can come up with a boat load of interesting and unique places to stick these. Classics are on soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers. Paper towel dispensers (so basically anything with a dispensing action to it).

Try garbage cans and recycle bins. Pretty much any door is a great idea to try!

I would like to see the results of the motion activated one by a public bathroom faucet, because some in real life really work this way, and it would frustrate the heck out of people. (Is this funny, or just mean and wrong? Maybe a mixture of both?)

Honestly, I'm thinking the 2 types of Clap activate and Motion activate will likely garner the best results, as voice activate might leave people confused and hesitant. If it's voice activated, what exactly are you supposed to even say?

Motion will get tons of great results because is the real world these days, tons of things are already functioning that way. 

You can get these and other similar funny prank stickers from amazon here.(This is an affiliate link, which means I would get a small percentage of the sale if you were to click on it and buy something from amazon, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

This particular kit includes 20 of each type of sticker for a total of 60 stickers.

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