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Prank Packs - Prank Gift Boxes

If you already have an idea for a gift, but you need a more interesting or funny way to present it, you can search online for a variety of fun gift giving strategies. One popular idea is to place the item into a small box inside a bigger box and a bigger box, and so on.

One Christmas tradition at a relative's place was to get warm socks every year for the father. Rather than just present the present like normal, we would place one individual sock into several different odd shaped household items. For example, one sock stuffed in a paper towel roll, then wrapped in gift wrap. Another sock in a giant box. You get the idea.

Anyway, if you don't want to be that creative around the home, you could cheat a little and be the life of the party.

Prank Packs are prank gift boxes that look like real products, but don't actually exist. Some of them, I wish were actually real.

We have all been in a position at gift giving time when we have to fain amusement and appreciation for the gift you received. Unless you are a spoiled brat.

Put other people in a very uncomfortable position of faking "thanks for the gift", when the gift seems to be some bizarre or completely impractical product.

All Available Prank Packs here

Earwax Candle Kit

The Earwax Candle Kit will make them ask themselves "are they trying to tell me something?" This gift box promotes an industrious product that makes use of your ear wax that you collect throughout the day, wearing headgear that is totally not awkward at all.

My First Fire Fire lighting kit

My first fire prank kit

Here is a gift box for a kid, but a prank (heart attack) for any compassionate parent. According to the packaging, this is a fire starting kit complete with a fire ring, fire poker, logs to burn, and a child size jerry can for fuel.

The makers of this product are very responsible though, as it is only recommended for children aged 2 and up.

Make sure there is a super cool present inside though, as most kids would be disappointed to discover it's not actually a fire starting kit.


Bath and Brew Prank Box

Bath and brew Prank Box

Do you know someone who is always late or in a rush? Here is the perfect (non-existent) product. Shower, make coffee and more. All at once. Save time in the morning.


Prank Nap Sack

For the lazy or narcoleptic person in the family. A head sack to take a nap any time, anywhere. It also features (but not really) a fan to keep you cool, and for good exhausting from the inside. Take it anywhere, like airplanes, car rides, and to church, apparently.


The Pet Butler

Remember when I mentioned earlier that some of these obnoxious ideas should actually exist in real life? Well here is the Pet Butler - Pet Vest. Fido isn't paying any rent, and doesn't clean up after himself.

He can contribute to the family in some small way at least. Let your pet serve your friends at the next party or gathering. For those who complain about hair in the food, just remind them your pet sheds and it's probably in there anyway.

Dream Griddle Alarm Clock

Love the smell of breakfast cooking in the morning? Wake up to not only the smell, but the real thing. The alarm clock will wake you up when the food is ready. The best part is, it's not even a fire hazard. How do I know that? Well...because!

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