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Propane Mosquito Magnet Trap to Get Rid of Nasty Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes are the worst. You're outside and enjoying your time until all of a sudden you find yourself itching, scratching, and swatting away these pesky insects just so they'll leave you alone.

If this sounds like something that happens to you on a regular basis then it may be time to invest in an outdoor mosquito trap for those long summer days spent outdoors. The propane mosquito magnet trap is one option available for purchase if you have a large area to cover or live in an area with high levels of mosquitoes near water sources such as ponds, lakes, rivers etc.

This contraption uses propane gas as fuel which when combined with octenol lures mosquitoes into the center where they get trapped by door covers before being killed by CO


buy mosquito magnet trap and accessories online.

What is a Propane Mosquito Trap  and how does it work?

1. The patented catalytic conversion process of the Mosquito Trap, converts propane gas into CO2 (carbon dioxide).

2. This mimics human breath, which mosquitoes absolutely love. Combined with the heat, moisture, and a short range attractant, this all becomes very irresistible for mosquitoes.

3. As soon as the mosquitoes are near the Mosquito Magnet trap area, the patented Counterflow Technology sucks them in like a vacuum, and they are drawn into the net inside the machine. They will then die of dehydration.

4. Enjoy outdoor living….mosquito free!

Common Mosquito Trap Questions

Q: Why would I want a Mosquito Magnet Trap to attract mosquitoes?

A: The idea behind the Mosquito Magnet Trap, is to place the magnet 30-40 feet away from your home, business, or gathering area. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the magnet, and thus, far away from you.

Q: Is the Mosquito Magnet Trap loud?

A: No. It is a quietly operating machine. It will not disturb you or your neighbors.

Q:Which model of the Mosquito Magnet is right for me?

A: There are a few different models of the Mosquito Magnet, and they range in features, and size of coverage area. The Mosquito Magnet Patriot and the Mosquito Magnet Independence will both cover up to 1 acre, which is plenty of coverage for most yards.

The main difference between the two Mosquito traps is that the Mosquito Magnet Patriot uses a 50' power cord, whereas the Mosquito Magnet Independence is a battery operated cordless machine. It is important to research the product’s features to get the best results for your situation. Feel free to contact our customer service center, and we will gladly assist you in this process.

Q:How much maintenance and up-keep does the Mosquito Magnet Trap require?

A: Not much is required of you to operate the Mosquito Magnet. You will need to fill the propane tank, and replace attractants periodically. Every once in a while, you will need to empty the mosquito net as needed.

Q:Does the Mosquito Magnet Trap come with propane, and a propane tank?

A: No. The Mosquito Magnet Trap does not come with propane or a propane tank. You can find one at your local fuel station for relatively cheap.

Q:What is included in the box when I buy a Mosquito Magnet Trap?

A: Everything you need to get started will be included in the box (except for the propane and propane tank). Various different packages and bundles are available.

 Q: Are Mosquito Magnet Traps safe for pets and wildlife?

A: Perfectly safe. In fact it would be less safe not to have one. Getting rid of your biting insects problem will reduce the chance of your beloved pets getting bit and infected by a diseased mosquito. Of course, the likelihood of that happening is very small, but it’s an extra benefit of having this machine in your yard.

Q: How does the Mosquito Magnet Traps compare to other mosquito repellents and bug repelling products?

A: The Mosquito Magnet Trap has many advantages over common types of bug repelling products. Bug sprays and lotions are stinky, messy and wasteful.

Also, unlike the Mosquito Magnet, they do not cause a reduction in the mosquito population. “Bug Zappers” can be highly effective for some types of bugs, but unfortunately they do not work well on mosquitoes. Mainly because “bug zappers” (also known as an electronic insect control system), use ultraviolet light as an attractant, but the mosquito is not attracted to ultraviolet light all that much. Even worse than that, the ultraviolet light actually helps the mosquito to see and find standing water, where they like to lay their eggs.

A Notre Dame University study in South Bend Indiana showed that people with a bug zapper in their yard were bit 10% more than people without one. 

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