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Pyro Mini Fireshooter - Wrist Flamethrower

Your mother always told you to never play with matches. Well technically these aren't matches, so I guess it's fine. Your very own fire ball launcher on your wrist. This is the Pyro Mini Fireshooter Wrist Flamethrower. I wouldn't have been able to think of a better name for it myself, it's pretty self explanatory.

This fire making wrist rocket is not just some random product that some crazy person decided to put out there on the market. It's original purpose is for stage performers, like magicians, to create illusions and special effects. Now you can get this for personal use to play around with it at home.

Pyro Mini Fireshooter wrist flamethrower in action.
Here you can see the awesome effects of the Pyro Mini Fireshooter wrist flame thrower in action in a controlled environment.

What is the Pyro Mini Fireshooter, and is it legal?

Apparently these are legal. I like the idea of owning one of these, but I don't trust myself with it, so we will leave it as just an idea. The Pyro Mini Fire Shooter is exactly as it sounds, and no, it's not just a gag. It's like spinning webs like Spiderman, except you are torching the place instead of swinging around.

Not recommended under 18 years of age, and you have to watch training videos etc.

More details here...

Watch a Short Demonstration Video of the Pyro Mini Fireshooter in action

Here's a cool short video demonstrating the use of this wrist rocket. Simply strap the wrist band around your wrist like a Velcro watch. Load the launcher mechanism. Attach the mechanism to the wrist piece. Press the button, and fire away. You can even watch as they launch a fire ball at a candle and light it from a distance.

What Does the Pyro Mini Fireshooter Come With?

The wrist flame thrower comes with everything you need to launch fireballs. This includes:

  • Wrist Strap
  • Flash Cotton
  • 10 Sheets of Flash Paper
  • A loader which is also the cleaning rod
  • Antenna for remote use
  • Remote
  • USB Charger

So at this point you are probably wondering why it comes with a remote and antenna. Yes, you can use this remotely. When you first get it, it is recommended that you get the hang of it first, then you can start using it remotely. Play with the button on the wrist mechanism until you are comfortable with using it safely.

The purpose of the antenna is to increase the range of the remote up to 30 feet between the fire launcher and the remote. The idea is to place the fire launcher somewhere up to 30 feet away from where you are. You would have the remote control secretly hidden on you where you can discreetly press the button and surprise people by launching fireballs from across the room.

Is the Pyro Mini Fireshooter Safe?

Because a toy like this involves fire, it's recommended to take proper safety precautions, like don't point it directly at people, don't let kids use it, and other obvious things that go without saying. However, this device is very safe in general. It blasts very short lived bursts of flame that would have a hard time lighting things like napkins. A cigarette lighter is probably more dangerous in theory.

How Do You Power the Pyro Mini?

The wrist flamethrower only requires a small CR2032 battery that is included in the original package. Beyond that, you simply use the USB charger to charge it up.

How Do I Load Up the Wrist Flame Thrower?

Watch this short demonstration video of the Pyro Mini being loaded up with the flash paper and cotton. Check it out.

Simply take a bit of cotton, stuff it in the hole, and press it in the rest of the way with the loader rod. Then, take the rod and wrap it in flash paper and insert it into the same hole. Tamp it all down into the hole. You are now ready to rock and roll. It's very similar to loading a musket during the civil war, except way smaller, and nobody is shooting back at you.

Similar Fire Launching Products

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Launch a quick burst of flame with a foot pedal.

Foot Pedal Fireball Launcher Kit

Complete the whole effect by getting your feet into the action. This is a foot pedal operated fire ball launching kit. I'm not sure how you would launch this one discreetly. It is just as safe as the Pyro Mini, since it just blasts out a super quick flame that burns out almost immediately. It also loads and operates under the same principal, meaning it comes with flash paper and anything else you need to make a quick fire. More Details...

The Electronic Flash Gun fits in the palm of your hand.

Electronic Flash Gun

This one is a hand held styled fire launching flasher that fits in your hand. Not quite as cool as the Pyro Mini, but still pretty cool nonetheless. It requires regular batteries, and it does not include the flash cotton or flash paper, you have to get all of that separately. As a side note, I should point out that it seems that it's kinda tricky to get replacement flash paper and flash cotton. You need to google search the company that can ship refill packs to you. Apparently, Amazon has a policy of not selling or shipping flash paper and flash cotton from their warehouse for safety concerns. I guess they don't want their trucks to spontaneously combust or something. More Details...

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