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Mini Qman Magnets

Qman Magnets are a very cool way to hold down and hang up your paperwork.

They function just like any other office magnet or fridge magnet, except they are a lot more versatile due to the the unique and creative design.

They look like tiny little stick men or little gender neutral humans. T

he tiny magnets are embedded in the ends of their arms and legs. Even though the magnets are really small, they are actually quite strong considering their size. They are flexible as well, which means you can shape them and bend them in any way you want.

This is handy as well as fun to fiddle with around the office. The ones shown in the image above are from a special line of Qman magnets that are glow in the dark, but they also come in a non glowing standard version as well.

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You can also get various colors. Hold up to 15 sheets of standard sized papers, or connect them to each other in a bizarre magnetic version of barrel of monkeys.

I have personally purchased a few of these to use as fridge magnets. I can not comment personally on their claim to hold 15 sheets of paper, as I have not yet tried, but I can say that they are very strong and useful to hold up several items on the fridge simultaneously.

Much stronger than any other fridge magnet I have ever owned myself. The above button and image both link to a company that offers both the standard qman version, as well as the glow in the dark Qman magnets like the ones depicted in the picture.

However, you can also get all kinds of different colors and types of Qman magnets by clicking the following link: Browse More Qman Magnets Here translucent 5 pack magman

This is a very similar but competing product. These are a translucent version called the Magman mini magnets.

These ones have all the same features as the Qman magnets, however, some customer comments have pointed out that perhaps the quality of these ones might be slightly lower than the Qman magnet.

See more product details, demonstrations, and customer feedback comments by clicking the image of these Magman magnets and any other link on this page.

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