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Rainbow in my Room

The Rainbow in my Room bedroom light toy by the Uncle Milton brand, will give you the illusion that a rainstorm has just recently finished in your room, and all that is left is a perfect rainbow.

The rainbow is projected towards the wall or any surface, and you can adjust the size of the rainbow by moving the base around. It uses LED lights and is easily activated with a simple button.

rainbow in my room

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Very easily operated by young children. These are battery operated with the option of using AC power with a power outlet. The rainbow will display on the walls and the ceiling.

This product has plenty of positive customer reviews and ratings. You can read them all by clicking the image you see above. You will also find a lot more specific product details and buying information.

rainbow over my bedroom

This one is very similar to the discussed above. They call this one the Rainbow Over my Bedroom. Slightly different name, and the exact same concept, only designed a bit differently.

This one also uses multi colored LED lights, and is very easily operated by children. It takes 3 AA batteries. One knock on this one is the fact that it does not project to a large distance, so it is not ideal for a situation with vaulted ceilings, or any other high imaging target.

Click the image you see here to read customer review comments, and to see more about this product and how to buy it securely online.

uncle milton shooting stars in my room

Another light up type of toy from the Uncle Milton brand is this shooting stars toy. They call this one the Uncle Milton Shooting Stars in my Room.

This company makes a wide selection of cool toys like this that light up the kid's bedroom. This one creates shooting stars, the ones above make rainbows, and they also make toys that light up Earth globes and Moons.

Click the image of this shooting stars toy for more information on this one, or to browse through a bunch of other unique and creative bedroom light up toys related to space and the night time sky.

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