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Rainbow Shower Head - The LED Water Shower Head and More

The Rainbow shower head portrayed here is the Fading Magic Shower head with 7 LED Colors. This one is relatively inexpensive and most of the customer reviews are positive.

A Rainbow Shower Head like this one works by powering LED lights using the natural power of the water flow. In other words, you will not need any special batteries or electricity to operate them.

You simply twist the shower head onto any standard sized shower pipe where the old shower head was.

rainbow shower head

 check price of the rainbow shower heads here.

What you see here as an example of available Rainbow Shower Head versions. I only picked out this one due to a high number of customer review comments you can read through, and the fact that it ships internationally in most cases.

However, many other Rainbow Shower Head versions ranging in style and quality are available through the following link: Browse all Rainbow Shower Head options here.

This Rainbow Shower Head in particular has plenty of good customer reviews you can read through to help you out.

Many other versions are offered aside from just the one shown here. Many of these will ship internationally depending on your country. Adds a cool spa like atmosphere in the bathroom, or romantic setting. Relatively inexpensive.

As far as this exact Rainbow Shower Head goes, I mentioned that most of the feedback comments are positive, there are a few negative ones you will see that mention that it is made with plastic parts that are not all that durable.

You can find stronger Rainbow Shower Heads that might cost a bit more money, but perhaps worth it in the long run.

lightinthebox shower head

This is the same LED light up shower head concept, but with a more unique square design. See more camera angles and product details about this one by clicking the image of the square shower head you see here.

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